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How to Place an Order with The Resin Shipyard

A word about waterline kits.


1-866-361-7521 (within North America)

Send an

Don't email credit card numbers. If you place your order by email, I will let you know how to provide your CC#.

Write us a letter:
  The Resin Shipyard
84 Doreen Cres.
Bowmanville, Ontario
L1C 3W8


Returns accepted with prior notification ONLY, within 60 days of a direct purchase from The Resin Shipyard.
All returns will be credited a full refund of purchase price, minus shipping
and related credit card charges (if applicable), upon arrival at The Resin Shipyard.
For returns on purchases from resellors, please see resellor.
For defective or missing parts, please see the Customer Service Page.

visa                                 ORDERING:                                  MC

We accept Visa or MasterCard.
 You can either call or fax at the phone numbers above, or email us for
further information on how to send
your information by email.
OR send Canadian Cheque or Money Order made out to
The Resin Shipyard to our address above.

Orders paid by cheque will be held for 14 days to ensure it clears
 and NSF fees will have to be paid before any further orders will be
 processed for the individual who writes a cheque without sufficient funds!

We thank you for your business, but we do not accept Pre-Orders on upcoming releases.
However, if you see something coming up soon that you want, let us know and we will let you know when it is ready to be ordered.

The subtle difference is:
We don't want to keep Credit Card Numbers hanging around,
We don't want to charge your card early
We don't want you to forget and be charged when you've changed your mind.
So by putting your name on a list, we can advise you when items are ready and you can decide if you still want to order!
Let's keep things simple!


Shipping costs will be calculated using Canada Post.

All attempts at keeping rates as low as possible will be made, however, it appears to be a losing battle.

Send us an email with your address and what you want and we'll let you know how much it will be.

All orders shipped via Canada Post, (signature req'd within Canada upon delivery), unless otherwise arranged.



 Sorry, it just doesn't work very well with our schedule, especially if Customs is involved.

Caution: The model kits we make and sell are for modelers with some experience at building kits.
All kits contain small sharp parts that are not suitable for young children.

Some manufacturers provide two piece hulls. We've decided to supply full hull kits. Why you might ask? Simple, when casting two pieces, they can shrink and warp at different rates. When it comes time to put them together, mismatches can occur which frustrate the modeler and make it difficult for those who don't have the experience or proper tools to make the joint look good. Now casting a full hull is harder than a half hull, because the mold traps air more readily. We try very hard to eliminate air, but will rarely get a casting to come out as clean as a half hull casting. We think this is okay because it's easier to fix a few air bubbles than two mismatched hull pieces. For those who disagree, you're entitled to your opinion, however misdirected it may be. FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO BUILD A WATERLINE MODEL, Please let us know. We can do a half pour into the mold and provide a reasonable waterline cast that will need only a little sanding. Be aware that this request will take a few weeks longer to fill the order because we have other things to do. But rest assured, we will get to it asap! For those with a belt sander and/or band saw, be adventurous!

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We thank you for your business, and look forward to serving you to your satisfaction.



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