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The Resin Shipyard Replacement Policy

Our replacement policy is a simple one.  We don't replace nuttin.

Unless of course you've, broken, misplaced, lost, destroyed, eaten, allowed a pet/child/spouse near, or in any other way made unusable, a part we have supplied. Heck, we'll even replace a part that we failed to supply! We will replace it
free of charge, no questions asked (well, we do have to ask your address).  As our customer, we feel it's our responsibility to ensure that you are able to build and complete our models to your satisfaction (although it is expected that you will supply some glue, paint and skill).  We don't require you to return the part, or provide us with any sort of documentation to get the part.  We want to hear from you if anything that we have supplied is not satisfactory, we'd also like to hear if you like it too.  All that we require is that you get in touch with us in one of the ways below, and tell us which part or parts you need.  Be sure to include your address with your request so we know where to send the parts.  And one more thing, if what happened to your part is funny, please feel free to share, we all like to laugh at somebody once in a while!

The items manufactured and sold by The Resin Shipyard are multimedia kits intended for assembly by mature model builders and as such, contain small parts that are not suitable for small children. So if you do let your pet/child/spouse near it, consider yourself warned!

 There are four ways to get ahold of us, here's three:

PHONE: 1-866-361-7521 (within North America) or (905)697-9515

Snail mail:
  The Resin Shipyard
84 Doreen Cres.
Bowmanville, Ontario
L1C 3W8

We thank you for your business, and look forward to serving you to your satisfaction.

Caution: The model kits we make and sell are for modelers with some experience at building kits.
All kits contain small sharp parts that are not suitable for young children.

The fine print

We are a small company and producing these kits takes up a
lot of our time and resources. It is a costly venture and
we are attempting to keep prices as low as possible,
while providing the highest quality product we can.

However, anyone found abusing our replacement
policy, will be refused any further service.



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