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Over the years, my friends and I have taken thousands of photos of ships that we have visited. I have decided to offer a few photo CD's containing photos that I feel will benefit the ship modeler. Each CD contains as many quality high resolution photos as I could fit on it. The photos are mostly close in detail shots and overall shots for placement. I couldn't always get to everywhere that I wanted, but I managed to accumulate quite a nice collection of images.
I'm sure that you will find them useful.
The only thing with offering them like this is that they are easy to copy and distribute.
I hope that doesn't happen, as it will discourage me from offering more subjects in the future.

ALL CD's are $16 including postage to North America. Postage overseas is $2 extra.

Item #
Sample Photos
HMCS HAIDA Tribal Class Destroyer - 1956 era - Museum ship

TRUMPED IROQUOIS Class Destroyer - Photos include Iroquois, Huron and Athabaskan
HALIFAX Class Frigate - Photos include Toronto, Fredericton and Vancouver



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