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Past updates to the What's New section.


July 17, 2011

The 1/350 St.Laurent DDE is NOW AVAILABLE!!! The 1/700 Halifax class Frigate is selling well and seems to be well received as our first foray into 1/700 scale. Stayed tuned for our next 1/700 kit next year!

Next in line is a 1/350 HMCS Fraser DDH coming early in 2012.

We still have a few books available. The Cruiser Uganda, The Canadian Centennial, Canadian Warships of the Great Lakes and Tribal Captain. Check them out, good reading! We also now carry Still Motions photo DVDS and Gator Glue.

Have a Great Summer and Thanks for stopping by!


May 14, 2011

Hello Again!! Another looong overdue update!

The 1/700 Halifax class Frigate is now ready to ship! Announcements have been placed on the forums and emails have been sent to those who have been waiting. If you haven't heard yet, give us a yell!! Cuz we messed up. The St.Laurent DDE is almost ready as well. The PE is drawn and the test fret is ordered. Instructions are well underway as is casting. We hope to have it ready by the end of Summer.

The OHP and Wasp decals have been printed and are being packaged. We are taking orders now for them.

We also have a few books available. The Cruiser Uganda, The Canadian Centennial, Canadian Warships of the Great Lakes and Tribal Captain. Check them out, good reading! We also now carry Still Motions photo DVDS and Gator Glue.

I've also added some new photos to the model gallerys.

Have a Great Summer and Thanks for stopping by!


Aug 29, 2010

Holy Smokes!! It's been forever since I last updated!! I have a lot of stuff to put up, but no time!! First, a long overdue


 to the CANADIAN NAVY!! 100 Years Old this year!!

So much has happened!! I attended both of the Canadian Navy's International Fleet reviews in June. The first was in Victoria/Esquimalt BC and the second was in Halifax NS. What a boatload of photos I took!!! : )  Another big event was the IPMS Nationals in Phoenix AZ, lot's of great models and it was good to see everybody again!!

Fred and I are getting close with the St.Laurent DDE, Casting is well under way and the PE is almost done! Soon!! Another little gem Fred got ready will be available about the same time. A Halifax class Frigate, our fist foray into 1/700! So far any who've seen it have been impressed!

Lot's of large scale decals are now ready, announcements will be made in the forums soon, keep an eye on our decals page under 1/96 and 1/72 if you're interested, but it will still be a while before I get up the additions to our catalog. The OHP and Wasp decals should be printed and ready by Christmas along with a few others I'm working on.

We also have a few books available. The Cruiser Uganda, The Canadian Centennial and Tribal Captain. Check them out, good reading! We also now carry Still Motions photo DVDS and Gator Glue. Until I get the items posted on the catalog, just email and ask for pricing!


Dec 17, 2009

Sorry for the delay in a new update. It's a been a busy Fall!

HMCS IROQUOIS has sold well and We are out of kits! More will be made in the new year. Thanks to all who have supported us in 2009!!

Nothing new is ready at the moment. We are working on several projects and hope to have some new kits and decals ready by mid 2010. Keep watching this space!!

The 2010 Canadian Navy Calendar won't be made. Sorry to those who have been waiting. I will try and get a 2011 calendar ready early in the new year.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY and Thanks for stopping by!


Jul 9, 2009

The HMCS IROQUOIS is ready to ship!!! After much delay the kit of the year can now be in your hands within days!! Go  here to see photos.

We're also selling our 1/350 Sea Kings separately on our accessories page.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jan 25, 2009

The photoetch test shot for HMCS IROQUOIS is in my hands and I have been putting it together for the past week. I have some adjustments to make and then I will order a production run. I've posted some photos on the 280 page, here.

I have also updated the accessories page to show the two sizes of chain we now carry.

2009 Canadian Navy Calendars are still available, now reduced in price.


Jan 9, 2009

Photoetch for HMCS IROQUOIS will be taken to the etchers tomorrow. A test shot should be in my hands by the end of the week. Then test fitting and instruction writing. Almost there!!! : )

2009 Canadian Navy Calendars are still available, now reduced in price.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sept 7, 2008

HMCS IROQUOIS. Otherwise known as the '280'. What is it? Everybody keeps asking for one. Our next release will be a barge I saw floating in Toronto Harbour, so stop asking about this 280 thing. So anyway, the barge molds have been done and have been cast by the man. New generic Canadian decals that will be in all our modern kits are back from the printers and I'm working on the Brass, but it may not be done quickly. It's amazing how long these things take to do right. So everything but the instructions and brass are ready.

And to repeat from my previous news,
WE(as in The Resin Shipyard) are now the EXCLUSIVE source for the WEM Colourcoats CANADIAN NAVY GREY!!
It is now in stock and ready to ship! Check the paint link below.

1/96 and 1/72 scale RN decals are here and selling, USN WWII signal flags are here in 3 sizes!! Also, new 1/1250 scale USN decals and flags as well as 1/350 and 1/700 USN hull letters are here and available.

And finally, a new page is up that shows a few accessories we've decided to offer. To start, packages of glue tips for those who don't want to make their own and small black chain that everybody seems to have trouble finding!

Thanks for stopping by!


Jun 7, 2008
Over 4 months since my last update this time!!! I'm getting busier and busier!!
It's a good thing I don't have a message board, or some of you might comment on my tardiness!! : )

Everybody is still waiting for the 280. Well, we missed our May deadline. Good thing I didn't take it too seriously!! Did you? The bad news is it's not ready yet. : (  The good news is I have posted some realllly nice photos of the first round of test castings on the brand new 280 kit page!! I knew you'd like that. : ) Casting will continue until all the little elves are covered in resin and can't move anymore. Decals and Brass are in the works and Aug is our new target!! (those of you who are getting used to this moving target date thing will know not to hold your breath!! : ) BUT IT IS COMING!!! You don't just create a work of art overnight, ya know!

We are now the exclusive source for the WEM Colourcoats Canadian Navy Grey!!
It is now in stock and ready to ship! Check the paint link below.
And a note to purists, the tins say Modern Royal Canadian Navy, RCN Grey 501-109. The colour was used before unification, so it's correct on a technicality!! And hey, I can dream, can't I?

We have a few more case sizes in stock, check out the case size page for details.
Some really nice comments at Torcan from those who saw them close up.
We have some new ship pins on the RCN Memorabilia page.
I don't have a list yet, but if you want a specific ship, ask and I'll see what I got!

Torcan was fun, but crowded and hot!!! Next year I hope they get a bigger space!! Lot's of ship models on the tables! Fred was at Capcon in Fredericton this weekend, after a postponement due to flooding last month. I'm sorry to say I wasn't at the Rocky Mtn show in Calgary, but Ryan Cameron was there and wowed all the locals with his Canadian Navy collection! Way to go Ryan!! Fred and I will both be in Virginia this Summer for the IPMS Nat's.

Lastly, I have some large scale RN decals coming and will be finally getting some USN signal flags out soon, hopefully by Aug. Then I will get the RN and CDN flag sets out this Fall/Winter.

Whew! That's a lot of typing for a two finger guy like me!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Jan 20, 2008
A new year and over 3 months since I last updated. Pathetic. How can I live with myself with so much time passing between updates?
I dunno, I just do. Lot's of stuff added this time around.

Everybody is waiting for the 280. Me too. I messed with the master and had to go grovel at Freds feet for forgiveness. Luckily I caught him in a good mood and he only beat me for a short while. Some changes are being made that will help the modeler and casting, while I work on the Photo etch. We are targetting May for release, but it will be tight!! It still looks great though! : )

We have decided on the next couple of kits to come, but I'm not saying anything until the 280 is out.
I have ordered paint from WEM and we will be the exclusive source for the Colourcoats Canadian Navy Grey.
We should have it in stock by the time the 280 is ready.

I have set up a page showing the cases we are now carrying. So far only 2 sizes, but more sizes are to come.
They have a long lead time, so be patient if we are out of stock.
We are also now carrying a line of pins and custom badges under the RCN Memorabilia page. I will add to the page as we get more items stocked. If you don't see what you want, ask, at the moment I only have a small sample of what's available.
The Gold braid badges are hand made and I can get any ship done. Unfortunately, it takes 8-10 weeks to be produced.
I also hope to stock the smaller work badges that are worn on jackets, but that will take time as stock becomes available.

A new item added in the kit accessory section, D-01 old style wooden jetty with small buildings, tanks and yard clutter!!

I will be at Torcan in Toronto in May and Fred will be at Capcon in Fredericton. I may be at the Rocky Mtn show in Calgary, but only if the 280 is ready and we will both be in Virginia this Summer for the IPMS Nat's. Don't forget to say hi if you see us at a show!!
Once the 280 is out, I will be getting some more decals out, so keep watching this space!!

I've also added photos of the Haida I am doing unpainted on the Haida kit page.
Thanks for stopping by!

Oct 7, 2007
Boy, time sure flys by!! It seems like I just updated this page!!

More New Decals are available.
Deck anti-skid or Non-skid if you prefer, strips and pads for many scales and Navies.
Canadian Sea King decals for various scales as well.
Nabob and Puncher (along with all the RN CVEs) decals and planes to go with
the ISW Bogue (which we sell) in 1/350 are coming as soon as I get the instructions finished.

The Haida kit is now available for purchase and has sold well at the few shows I have been to recently. I expect to be at the Ajax Ontario show coming up in October and we had a presence at the Vancouver show this past weekend. A few review kits have been sent out and you will reviews on the popular model ship websites. I am in the process of building up a show model that won't be painted to show off the huge amount of PE that comes with the kit. Photos will be up as soon as I have it completed.
And finally on the Hiada, we have a Photo CD available that has hundreds
of indispensable detail pics to aid in the construction of the kit for $16 (PhotoCD page coming soon).

The US IPMS Nat's in LA, Aug 22-25 were great!! Met a lot of new people and saw some old friends.

The 280 Master has appeared on my doorstep and I have started the long process of inspecting and
prepping for Photoetch and instructions. All I can say at this point, is WOW!!! It looks awesome!!

And finally, we will soon be offering a few standard sizes of display cases for sale to fit our kits,
as well as the ability to order custom sizes. Watch for the new Case page in a few weeks.


July 29, 2007
Wow. It's been a long time!! My apologies for those waiting patiently.
I've been so busy it's amazing I remembered to eat!!

News. Hmmmm..... What to say, what to say.....

Well, new pages have been added to the Tips section and we'll soon be selling detailed ship Photo CD's!
New Decals are now up, with more coming in the next few days. Modern RN, Modern USN.

The Haida Photoetch is DONE!!! I have the first test shots in my hands and it's looking good!!!
 I should have the full production run here by the end of the week and packaged in time to bring to the
US IPMS Nat's in LA Aug 22-25. Now I just have to finish up the instructions!!
The bad news is that even though it will be here ready to sell, I will be away having fun in
Halifax and at the Nat's for most of August! : (  : )

The 280 Master is on it's way to me for it's first inspection. The beginning of 2008 is looking good for that one
and maybe one or two others soon after!!


Apr 11, 2007
Okay, time for another update!! And we have some progress to report!!
The latest batch of decals is now available for sale! 1/96 and 1/192 USN WWII hull numbers and plane markings, 1/144 and 1/72 Grilse and Rainbow Sub decals (sail conversions are in the works, but will be a while) and 1/350 and 1/700 Hi Viz USN Shaded hull numbers.
Oberon Decals and Photo etch is finally here!! I will be sending sets out to all those who have patiently waited!
We are now carrying Commanders Models Ironshipwright kits that can be used to represent Canadian vessels!
See the kit page for details.

More decals, including the 1/350 RN set will be sent out shortly. Haida photoetch is in progress now that the Oberon came back in good order. The Iroquois master is progressing nicely, Fred tells me he is almost done!!! I can't wait to pour the rubber over that baby!
AND we will be ordering Canadian Shipside grey from White Ensign Colourcoats to be available when the Iroquois is!!!


Feb 7, 2007
Howdy all! A short progress report. Fred has moved house in Halifax and his workshop is almost back up and running again! Back to work on that 280 master!!! I finished up some decal artwork and sent off the first batch to Microscale for printing. I also finished my first test run for Etching. (well, okay my second test run, but this one should go much better!) Off to the Etcher is the PE for the Oberon and a couple of small pieces I wanted done. If that comes back the way it should, the photoetch for the Haida will be sent off.

I have updated the decal page again to show the large scale USN old and new stuff I am doing, the Modern RN set, Canadian Sea King and Non-Skid decals, all in various scales.

I also updated the photo pages with a few more model photos from fellow modelers and pics of models at the Maritime Museum of BC. Follow the flashing  signs!

Thanks for stopping by!


Jan 18, 2007
Well, I suppose you're all getting pretty tired of that Christmas theme!! And it's a little late for HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Oh well, time for a new update. What's new? Well, Fred and I have managed to get through the Christmas Season safely and we are back to work on stuff. The stuff Fred is doing includes casting small parts and putting the finishing touches on the 280 master and the stuff I am doing is getting the company books in order and finishing up some decal artwork that has been sitting around for a while. I should be all done the decals in a week or so and then right back into getting the photoetch for the Haida finished!! After much grinding of teeth and chewing of cigars, I feel confidant that I have worked out all the areas that I have to fix.
The Haida kit is coming! I promise, says the man behind the curtain!!  : )
BTW, did I mention that I have a job, kids, and a very understanding wife who likes to spend time with me?

Kootenay sales have been steady, thanks to all who have ordered and thanks for the kind comments. I have updated the decal page to
show the Canadian sub decals that I just sent to the printer. The Ojibwa decals have been sent also. I will send along to those who purchased a kit as soon as I have them in my hot little hands. Maybe 4-6 weeks? The other Sub decals are for Grilse and Rainbow! In both 1/144 and 1/72 scales! They will be available seperately for those who want to modify the Trumpeter and Revell Gato kits to look like the Canadian subs. They will also be available in an upgrade kit that will include the new sails in resin for both scales! Sails are being mastered now and they will be ready when they're ready. Remember, NO MORE DATES!! : )

I am finishing the artwork for RN decals, CDN Sea King decals, Non Skid walkway decals and some USN stuff that will sell really well down south!



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