Canadians seem to be associated with beer.


Personally, I haven’t the foggiest idea why this is so (honest!), but I’ve assembled some links you might find interesting about Canadian beer. Hopefully this will satisfy the small element that seems obsessed with bombarding me with slanderous comments regarding beer in Canada.

Enjoy, eh!

Drink responsibly, and remember:

Drinking and driving kills.
Drinking and using firearms breaks the bottles that beer comes in.
Drinking and driving while using firearms is NOT an acceptable hunting technique.

The history of beer in Canada
by The Beer Store, the Ontario Monopoly on beer sales.

Canadian beer facts by Bacon Magazine.

 The beer festival in Ontario
An Annual event

 The Stubby!
Long Live the Stubby! Brick Brewery.

 Molson Canadian Enter anything for the postal code
One of the biggest sellers in Canada

Canadian beer drinkers alliance
What more can I say.

 books about beer

 Bob and Doug Mackenzie
Good site for viewing clips. If you haven't heard of them, you need a new rock.

And my personal favourite, The I_AM_Canadian song, my vote for the unofficial anthem of Canada!
quicktime required Get it here


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